Monday, August 25, 2014

Pint Size Pocketbook

I'm so excited to announce that my project is up in Quilts and More magazine in Fall 2014 issue!  It is available now, well, it hit the stands on 8/12/2014, so I hope it is still available.

I always had this type of wallet as I was growing up in Japan, except it was always thin and only few things were able to fit in.  I wanted to make it rounder shape, so after making so many protocols, this cute purse was born.  You can keep your makeup stuff, medicine, store coupons, snacks, sewing kit, keys, ideas are endless!

The balls come in many different colors.
BK-1275S, BK-1275AG with balls
Frame: #S-Silver color, #AG-Antique gold color
16mm Acrylic gem balls: 10 colors, Paper string, Made in Japan
4-3/4"(W) X 3-3/8"(H) X 3/8"(T), 12 cm(W) X 8.5 cm(H) X 0.9 cm(T)
Ivory Coral Amber Jade Inca
Enlarged image
Blue Black Red

Do you want to make them NOW?  The kits are available at Prairie Queens Quilt Shop as you can find the information in the magazine.  They also sell just frames.  You can contact them via email or phone call to place an order.

If you are the shop owner and interested to buy wholesale, please contact Emma Creation.  They would be happy to assist you.

I hope everyone enjoy making one, or two, or three, or more!

Happy Sewing!

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PamKittyMorning said...

I was so excited when i saw this in the magazine! congratulations! its adorable!