Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It's different this year, our kids grown up and also we are in the new neighborhood, we are not going out for trick or treating. So I bought bunch of candies at last minutes, but only a couple of group had come...  What are we going to do with these candies???
We finally got rain, but on the Halloween day, not so good.  Although, I'm happy with rain.  Feel so refreshing!  We needed so badly.  My pumpkin collection look kind of exotic with rain drops.
The air feels chilly on my cheek tonight and I felt like I want to bake.  Of course, pumpkin related goodies.  How about pumpkin cake w/o butter?

Love Fall!

Quilt Market Fall 2014

I came back from Quilt Market Houston on Monday, and still recovering from the trip.  But I wanted to share how wonderful this trip was!

First, I was very happy to see my friends from all over the world.  Manufacturers, fabric designers, pattern designers, publishers, shop owners, we meet once or twice a year at this international quilt market.

Second, finding the new products, new designs, and fresh ideas.  My first market experience was overwhelming with too much information, but I think I'm getting better to process who I met and what I found.  Here is some photos of the beautiful designer booth.

 Third, I was able to preview the quilts for International Quilt Festival!  A few years ago, there was a red and white quilt exhibition in New York, and I really wanted to see these beautiful collections of red and white quilts, but NY is so far away, I couldn't go...  But this exhibit in Houston looked just like the one in NY. Made me so happy:-)
 And at last, two of my Japanese friends won awards.  Their quilts are so beautiful, actually they are truly artwork.
This is "Fuji and Sakura" made by Masako-san from Japan.  -Won 1st place in Naturescapes division.
This one is "Tempest" made by Kumiko-san from Houston.  -Won 3rd place in Miniture Quilts division.  This quilt is about 8 inche square.  Yes, really!

My next year's new year's resolution will be learn to make a beautiful quilt and enter one of the judged show!  Winning the ribbon some day is my dream, but I have to believe that the dream can come true!

Happy quilting!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pint Size Pocketbook

I'm so excited to announce that my project is up in Quilts and More magazine in Fall 2014 issue!  It is available now, well, it hit the stands on 8/12/2014, so I hope it is still available.

I always had this type of wallet as I was growing up in Japan, except it was always thin and only few things were able to fit in.  I wanted to make it rounder shape, so after making so many protocols, this cute purse was born.  You can keep your makeup stuff, medicine, store coupons, snacks, sewing kit, keys, ideas are endless!

The balls come in many different colors.
BK-1275S, BK-1275AG with balls
Frame: #S-Silver color, #AG-Antique gold color
16mm Acrylic gem balls: 10 colors, Paper string, Made in Japan
4-3/4"(W) X 3-3/8"(H) X 3/8"(T), 12 cm(W) X 8.5 cm(H) X 0.9 cm(T)
Ivory Coral Amber Jade Inca
Enlarged image
Blue Black Red

Do you want to make them NOW?  The kits are available at Prairie Queens Quilt Shop as you can find the information in the magazine.  They also sell just frames.  You can contact them via email or phone call to place an order.

If you are the shop owner and interested to buy wholesale, please contact Emma Creation.  They would be happy to assist you.

I hope everyone enjoy making one, or two, or three, or more!

Happy Sewing!

Big NEWS!!!

I don't know where to start... I totally didn't touch my blog during the summer!  I was busy every single day working and playing hard.  Now my son is back to school, I have to re-organize my daily schedule to get things done.

Well, first of all, we moved again! but this time was locally.  It was still as tiring as other moving though.  Pack everything to move, then unpack again.  It is painful to go through all of these boxes to find the things we need, wash all the dishes and clean the shelves, store them neatly... feels like endless process.  Good thing about this move was now we have larger house with nice back yard.  We are all happy about that.
Right before this moving, we spent two weeks in Massatsusetts. That's so crazy!  I know, I know, while we should have been packing and getting ready for the move, we were out of town.  We visited Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, historic society in several small towns, many grave yards, and much more.  The whole purpose of this trip was to spend two weeks with my in-laws, I hope it made them happy :-) As you can see in my photos, we did totally tourist thing in Boston such as Trolley tour.
Out of all these humid summer vacation, What I enjoyed most was the visit to MFA in Boston.  They had quilts exhibition from the Pilgrim/Roy Collection.  When I read the discription about this before the visit, it sounded that it's all about the color (unusual color combinations), and the photo of the quilt gave me the impression of inovated amish quilt.  I wasn't so excited about it untill I saw the collections.  It was actually way beyond that, and I really enjoyed the variety of displays. 

Going back to several months ago, I submitted two of my projects to Quilts and More magazine.  The first project is now featuring in the latest issue! Yay!
Here is "Pint Size Pocketbook".  It's been very popular in Japan and lots of flat purse designs are available, but I wanted to make more 3-D look.  Using this size frame, the purse sits perfectly on your hand.  What a cute photo taken by publisher!  These colorful balls on the handle are available in many different color and frames comes in different sizes also.  I will talk about this in separate topic.
Above two photos are provided by Quilts and More magazines.

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pretty Rose

Do you remember the rose pot that my friend gave to me?  From this post. It started to bloom the pink flower.  So pretty!
 And my iris is gorgeous, too!  Photos taken by my favorite iPhone 5.
It will become an inspiration to design a quilt or two...

Happy Spring.

Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Vol.9

It's the last day of April, already!  I know I haven't write the blog for a while, but today I have an exciting news to tell you.

My original block was selected to be in Quiltmakers 100 Blocks magazine, Vol.9!!!
Visit their site for the blog tour of the designers who are featured in this issue.

I'm so excited!  And even better!  They sent me a coffee mug with this cover image on.  Visit Pam Kitty Morning's blog.  You will see the cup of coffee (as usual for her :-)) with huge badge (says My block is in...) and magazine.  I have a same one!!!  Thanks to Pam for encouraging me to enter for this magazine.  This issue of the Quiltmakers 100 Blocks will be available around May 6th.

Here is my block, "Checker-a-Peel".  My block is featured as #832 on page 41.  This photo doesn't look great because I took at night...  Bad photographer...  ---> me <--- nbsp="" p="">See the better one in the magazine.

Then, Here is a table runner I made using this block.  
Both made with Quilt Gate fabrics.  Lovely roses, don't you think?  Quilt Gate is Japanese fabric manufacturer and create very soft beautiful floral fabrics. Like these...

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Happy Day

Recently, I have stressful days with my teen-age son.  His grade, attitudes, events at schoo, off-school, troubles with friends, etc.  In between these busy days, I found my joy.

I was on my way to grocery shopping and saw the beautiful rainbow in front of me.  I usually always focus on the road when I'm driving on the highway.  That day, I just looked up little bit higher and Voila! I was able to see the lucky rainbow even for a short time.  It disappeared three minutes later.  This little event made me so happy and the rest of the day became much easier to spend.

Then, when I got home, I received the package from England.  YES!  Those are the Tilda fabrics that I ordered about a week ago.  They are more beautiful than I ever imagined.  Maybe I should have got more!  I spent next 30 minutes or so to think what to make with these pretty fabrics.

I stepped out to my back yard and checked how my plants are doing.  It finally rained here so it feels very refreshing.  Flowers are blooming and new green leaves are sprouting.  The roses from the cutting my friend gave me, are doing very well with lots of new leaves.  The ones with no leaves (just stems) seems like they decided to live!  I see some tiny sprouts.  How exciting to see the nature grow!

I don't know the name of this tree, but they are in full bloom right now.  Although
I worry that my apple tree doesn't have anything going on yet.  Do you remember this apple tree had lots of pretty pink flowers last year?  I hope I get to see them again this year.

I'm having fun with Lori Holt's "Quilty Fun" book.  I picked some of the blocks from this book and made a table runner.  Of course apples are the main focus on this runner.  I used EQ7 to re-arrange the blocks and featured Pam Kitty Picnic fabric.  This cheerful collection from Lakehouse is the perfect match for this design!

I hope you have plenty of happy days!
Happy Quilting!