Friday, October 31, 2014

Quilt Market Fall 2014

I came back from Quilt Market Houston on Monday, and still recovering from the trip.  But I wanted to share how wonderful this trip was!

First, I was very happy to see my friends from all over the world.  Manufacturers, fabric designers, pattern designers, publishers, shop owners, we meet once or twice a year at this international quilt market.

Second, finding the new products, new designs, and fresh ideas.  My first market experience was overwhelming with too much information, but I think I'm getting better to process who I met and what I found.  Here is some photos of the beautiful designer booth.

 Third, I was able to preview the quilts for International Quilt Festival!  A few years ago, there was a red and white quilt exhibition in New York, and I really wanted to see these beautiful collections of red and white quilts, but NY is so far away, I couldn't go...  But this exhibit in Houston looked just like the one in NY. Made me so happy:-)
 And at last, two of my Japanese friends won awards.  Their quilts are so beautiful, actually they are truly artwork.
This is "Fuji and Sakura" made by Masako-san from Japan.  -Won 1st place in Naturescapes division.
This one is "Tempest" made by Kumiko-san from Houston.  -Won 3rd place in Miniture Quilts division.  This quilt is about 8 inche square.  Yes, really!

My next year's new year's resolution will be learn to make a beautiful quilt and enter one of the judged show!  Winning the ribbon some day is my dream, but I have to believe that the dream can come true!

Happy quilting!


Erin Pearson said...

Hello Keiko,

I have a strange question for you. Two years ago I was in a fabric shop in San Jose, CA and I saw one of your quilt designs and took a picture. The silly thing is I didn't record what the pattern name was. I have a picture of the quilt and I was hoping you would identify it for me? I can send a the picture you via email if you would like.
I'd love for my mom to make it for our little girl.

Please let me know and thank you so much!


K Cotton said...

Hi Erin,
Sure, you can send me the photo.