Monday, August 25, 2014

Big NEWS!!!

I don't know where to start... I totally didn't touch my blog during the summer!  I was busy every single day working and playing hard.  Now my son is back to school, I have to re-organize my daily schedule to get things done.

Well, first of all, we moved again! but this time was locally.  It was still as tiring as other moving though.  Pack everything to move, then unpack again.  It is painful to go through all of these boxes to find the things we need, wash all the dishes and clean the shelves, store them neatly... feels like endless process.  Good thing about this move was now we have larger house with nice back yard.  We are all happy about that.
Right before this moving, we spent two weeks in Massatsusetts. That's so crazy!  I know, I know, while we should have been packing and getting ready for the move, we were out of town.  We visited Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, historic society in several small towns, many grave yards, and much more.  The whole purpose of this trip was to spend two weeks with my in-laws, I hope it made them happy :-) As you can see in my photos, we did totally tourist thing in Boston such as Trolley tour.
Out of all these humid summer vacation, What I enjoyed most was the visit to MFA in Boston.  They had quilts exhibition from the Pilgrim/Roy Collection.  When I read the discription about this before the visit, it sounded that it's all about the color (unusual color combinations), and the photo of the quilt gave me the impression of inovated amish quilt.  I wasn't so excited about it untill I saw the collections.  It was actually way beyond that, and I really enjoyed the variety of displays. 

Going back to several months ago, I submitted two of my projects to Quilts and More magazine.  The first project is now featuring in the latest issue! Yay!
Here is "Pint Size Pocketbook".  It's been very popular in Japan and lots of flat purse designs are available, but I wanted to make more 3-D look.  Using this size frame, the purse sits perfectly on your hand.  What a cute photo taken by publisher!  These colorful balls on the handle are available in many different color and frames comes in different sizes also.  I will talk about this in separate topic.
Above two photos are provided by Quilts and More magazines.

Happy sewing!


PamKittyMorning said...

Moving! yikes..what a pain but the space must be nice. your trip sounds very fun and I love the little purse in the magazine!

lizzyps said...

I love your quilt blocks - especially the stars.
Liz Sonnenfeld