Saturday, July 27, 2013

Some of my favorite things...

I like soft color, I like roses, I like English & French country style, then I found this online shopping at Uniqlo store which soon to be open near my house!  It is one of the Uniqlo & Designer coraboration projects. This designer is "Green Gate" from Copenhagen, Denmark.  These t-shirts are normally $19.95, but now it's $5.90!  Uniqlo is the store from Japan and now expanding to US.  I've always known Uniqlo in Japan for reasonable price and good quality.  I had to click to purchase some of these t-shirts because of this unbelievable cost!  They are surely pretty & comfy.  One thing to mention is their t-shirt design has narrow shoulder.  From the size description, I thought I fit in Small, but medium is perfect for me because I have wide shoulder.WOMEN GREENGATE SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT
Then, I visited "Green Gate" website.
If you like English & French country style, if you like roses, if you like pastels, reds, mono-tones, if you want to see what I'm dreaming about, open their summer & winter catalogs.  You will see the amazing collections that I fell in love!  Here is a couple of pages from their catalog.

So, these are some of my favorite things of this Summer, or forever!  What is yours?


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PamKittyMorning said...

OMG there will be a Uniglo down in the San Jose area soon? SUPER NEWS. I heard that Kinokuniya closed and I'm super bummed. The one in Japantown isn't as good as San Jose. Nor as easy to get to!

No surprise we like the same things, isn't Greengate wonderful?