Friday, August 13, 2010

I love bags...

I love to design and make bags. It's fun making it and usually takes a couple of days to make, then I get to use it and show to my friends.

Recently, when I see the new fabrics, the bag designs come first. Until a few years ago, I thought of quilt designs... So my recent inclination to the fabric changed.

When I go to a day trip, I always bring a sketchbook and draw some ideas. This bag is one of my new patterns, "Madam Butterfly". The overlapped flap reminds me kimono and butterfly. This bag is great for any age group. Just try to use the fabric you like and it will change the look. BTW, it's not really inspired by that opera.

Then, "Mom's delight", large tote which can hold your laptop computer. Or it can be diaper bag for new moms. Use it for a day trip or shopping at the mall. It holds a lot of things.

How about this "Balloon Tote"? This is usually called Granny Bag in Japan and uses curved template but I created from rectangle! No template needed!!! Isn't that great? You can really fit balloon in this bag. The other day, I placed a 12" pie plate in this bag and brought to pot luck party. Be creative!

I have more ideas in my mind and hope to share with you soon!

Enjoy the rest of Summer!

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Christine said...

I really like your Madam Butterfly bags. Are your patterns available for purchase?