Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ready for PIQF

Sorry for the long absense.

I was so busy like I couldn't believe. Now I have time to sit down to rest... well, it's not going to happen. It's time for Pacific International Quilt Festival! I dropped my quilts today for the show, and tomorrow I am helping Prairie Queens to set up their very first booth at PIQF. They made two kits using my patterns and they are going to bring most of my patterns there to sell. What a priviledge for me as a new designer to have wonderful shop like this to feature me!

This is "Twinkle Twinkle" made of Japanese fabric from Yuwa. It's called KS Collection which has 90 sku, beautiful line. Using this collection, I can probably design 10 quilts easily. Can't find them anywhere else!(except in Japan) Usually, the kaleidoscope block is difficult to make. But I came up with easier way. You can make this block from pinwheel with half square triangle! You should try this method. Using dark background might be interesting. Does anyone want to try it?

Next is "Promise in Paris". I used "Celebration" by Brenda Riddle for Lecien. This line has soft pastel with beautiful flower design. With simple applique design, it has French Country feeling. You can make this quilt in many different theme. Such as fall color, blue & yellow, red & white, taupe color, plaid only, etc... You can make totally different look!
I have many more to come, so keep checking my blog, please!
Talk to you soon!


Ginny Worden said...

Keiko, I have fallen in love with your Twinkle, Twinkle quilt. Amazing, so where would I find your pattern. Does Prairie Queen's carry it? Oh, I'm in love.

Nancy R said...

I agree! I would love to try making this quilt. I have a bunch of Japanese indigos I would like to use. Where can I order the pattern?

K Cotton said...

Thank you for nice comments, Ginny and Nancy!!
You can purchase the pattern at Prairie Queens Quilt Shop in San Jose. If you live away, please contact me at kc@kcottonstudio.com

I am Just One Mom said...

I would love the Twinkle Twinkle pattern and your easier technique using pinwheel and HST.