Saturday, May 2, 2015

Where the month of April go?

Its spring. Wait! It's been 80's lately, almost feels like summer! After my son's hockey season ended at the end of March, time flew away. I can only remember what happened by looking at my photos. That sounds kind of scary.
Here is some of my moments. 

My roses in the backyard are blooming beautifully. I try to go out at least once a day and talk to my plants. Then I stretch my body before I start either working or sewing. Hmmm~, I'd rather be sewing everyday. 
The name of this rose is Queen of Sweden. 

Then I have a cup of English tea. Inspiring from that, I quickly made this tea cozy. Made with all rectangle pieces. 

Well, I need something to go with my tea. I found three ripe bananas laying on my kitchen counter. Perfect!  I set out a couple of bowls and ingredients and baked banana bread. Yum yum. I wish my daughter was here to enjoy this with me. Guys in my family won't touch this yummy banana bread.

I will come back after I enjoy a cup of tea with banana bread. There's more to share with you. 

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