Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Year's Resolution

The year of 2012 has been started and January was already gone... I thought I had my new year's resolution written somewhere and forgot where I put it. Pretty bad start... you think? Actually, I've been busy as I planned.
My 2012 started with fun events. First, I attended Prairie Queens' Quilt Retreat in ocean front hotel. I arrived there on Friday evening and had dinner with my friends. Then sew and talked till late at night. I finished a quilt top for my mother's best friend who moved back to Japan. She was very nice to my mother so I decided to make her American map quilt as the memory of living in America. We had a wonderful time at retreat and it was so hard to leave on Sunday afternoon.
Next weekend, I went to "Road to California" show in Ontario, CA. It took me about one hour and 15 minutes one way, but it was worth driving. Many beautiful quilts to look at, and so many shops to enjoy! As you know, since we moved last summer, there are no quilt shop in my town, so this was heaven for me! Only downside was I hurt my shoulder carrying my slightly heavy purse.Last weekend of January, I attended "Art of Craft" at French General. This was my second year to attend this event. I took 5 workshops this year, started with bracelet making taught by Kaari Meng, the owner of French General. Jewelry making wasn't my thing, but I love this bracelet. I always thought that Jewelry making was so difficult (well, it is still difficult for me), but hey! I can do it!The second class, Sailor's Valentine, was taught by Pam Garrison and Charlotte Lyons. We created our own versions of the heart inspired by the one created during WWI. This was my favorite workshop! Using ribbons, laces, buttons, ric rac, the imagination of design came endless. I definitely have to make more than one!The third class, Chocolate Truffle Box, was taught by Michelle Jorgensen. We decorated the wooden hinged box with papers and fabrics. Under the glass top lid, we build the layer of beautiful flowers and things, finished by gold German dresden. NO WAY, I'm not going to put chocolate in this.On Sunday morning, my shoulder was hurting really badly. I probably got too excited and overworked the day before. The class was taught by Molly Meng, Kaari's sister from San Francisco. I really wanted to make this "12 month pocket memory book", but I just watched and thought about designs during the class.
The last workshop was "Beeswax Journal" taught by Anna Corba. The journal covers needed to dip in the hot beeswax during the workshop, so I pushed my shoulder pain to design and make the covers. I tried to cut least papers, so it kind of became too simple. But lucky me! I found the floral basket paper precut by someone for me to use. Not bad, isn't it?
Thank you, all the instructors!!! I had an amazing weekend with new and old friends creating something totally beautiful and fun to make!

So, at the end, can you guess what my New Year's resolution was? "To spend more fun time with my friends." Life is too short and if I don't spend "good time" with my friends, I'm going to regret so much later. After the moving away from my friends in SF bay area, I really realized the importance of the friends in my life.

Happy Crafting!

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PamKittyMorning said...

I wondered how the weekend at French General went. I saw her new line of goodies at the CHA show. Thought about your driving in and out of the valley! We had good traffic in both directions, kind of a miracle.