Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Project for Christmas Present

Good morning!

It's already the last month of the year. No wonder it's been cold recently! And only 19 days till Christmas... I haven't complete Christmas shopping yet. Have you?If you were planning handmade gift but worrying that you don't have enough time, here is a quick & easy project for you. "Annie Pouch" designed by me, is a perfect handmade gift for your family and friends. You pick three fat-quarters and start your project today! It's great for carrying the small project such as applique, stitch work, or English paper-piecing hexagons. I usually recommend to use floral fabric for lady's cosmetic pouch but you can also use kids print fabric to make a perfect pouch for Nintendo DSi, Sony PSP, or iPod, etc. Once you made one, you would want to make two, three, four and more!
Send me the pictures of your "Annie Pouch" by December 20th, 2011 and one of you will win the surprise gift from me!
Thimble Creek Quilt Shop has "Project Weekly" right now. This special kit includes the pattern, the fat-quarters (Pam Kitty Morning's new fabric!) and the magnetic snap. If you want the quick start, this is the way to do! You can find the kit from here.

I wish everyone peaceful holiday season!

Happy quilting!!!



PamKittyMorning said...

OHmy couldn't be cuter. I was dying that they paired the pouch with the PKM fabric. They're like two friends right??

singamartin said...

Knitting is a newer craft to me than crocheting, but I'm getting all excited about knitting more Christmas gifts this year than I did last year.
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