Monday, October 10, 2011

Sorry for long silence

Hi everyone! You must thought that I quit writing the blog. There are so many things happens in the life and I just didn't know what to write.

Back in June, my husband told me that he is going to job interview while others were talking about high unemployement rate. I told him, "well, if you are the lucky one to get the job you want, go ahead!" Maybe that was the beginning of the tragidy. He invited me and my son to the restaurant at very nice outdoor mall after his interview. We sat outside in front of the musical fountain. We had a great time. Then he told me, he had very good interview with company CEO. What's it mean??? He said he would probably receive a job offer within one week or so. I never thought we actually had to move. This company is located 5 hours south of where we live! Poor my son! He just got out of school and was just going to enjoy summer vacation, it ended up packing after packing and preparing for the move. I had to say "Good Bye" to all of my friends and family.It took us almost a month and a half to find the new home to live. And we finally moved in August, the weekend before the school starts. I bet that was the worst summer for my son to remember. Then we had to unpack the boxes under the 100 degrees weather. That was a hell... We still have some boxes (ah... maybe a lot) in our living room.What??? There is no quilt shop in this area??? That was September when I found out. Oh boy, I should have searched before we chose the house. Stupid me! What was I thinking? Okay, there is JxAxx's and Bexxxxx's but that's not what I wanted! Real quilt shop! I was living only 10 minutes away from Prairie Queens Quilt Shop and it was perfect for me. I was teaching the classes and everyone was so nice! So I had to go back. I helped at their booth at Quilting in the Garden in Livermore. It was at the beautiful Alden Lane Nursery. I was so happy during the weekend surrounded by the beautiful flowers and the quilts, and my friends!
I received some energy to design some new patterns and here it is! My newest pattern, "Puffy Basket" was born! They are very small baskets but so cute!!! Great for Halloween candies, it kind of look like half pumpkin shape, isn't it? You can also arrange it for Christmas gift, Valentine's Day, Easter Basket, basically wonderful for all season. Instruction is easy to understand with photos. If you want one, ask your favorite shop to contact me at Of course, Prairie Queens Quilt Shop is the first one to carry this brand new pattern! I will try to keep up my blog from now on. See you soon!


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PamKittyMorning said...


It was nice to see you at Quilting in the Garden. Love you puffy basket, you are so clever with these things.