Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love Pockets for Japan

Monica aka Happy Zombie wanted to help raise money for Japan but also wanted to make a quilt quickly. So this pretty "Love Pockets for Japan" was born. A little 8" x 12" quilt with a pocket for collecting money. Monica's suggestion to all the quilters is that we all make two - one for yourself/your family and one for you to sell/fundraise. Please read the detail here. So I made two using Japanese fabrics and going to sell one at craft/bake sale we are going to do in May. 100% of sales goes to Japanese Red Cross to help earthquake and tsunami recovery. Monica posted the instructions on her blog so you can make this also!!! My blog friend, mikausa made two of these and is going to sell one at the craft/bake sale. Why don't you join us?

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happy zombie said...

I love yours soooo much, Keiko! And I adore you too! xxoo!