Friday, January 17, 2014

Quilter's New Year's Resolution

I was reading other people's new year's resolution and found this one written by Kathy Matthews.
  1. Love your fabric, what you have and what you buy.
  2. Get rid of anything you don't love or that makes your sewing room reproachful.  Donate that fabric you don't love!  Jettison those UFO's, if you valued it you would have finished it.
  3. Bring grapes or veggies to the next quilt retreat.
  4. Drink tons of water when you sew.
  5. Get up and walk around to break up your sewing time, it will feel good.
  6. Love what you sew and eliminate "Quilt Envy"from your life.
  7. Work on something that makes you happy.
  8. Sew what you want, no more obligation sewing.  If people pester you to make them something and they will "pay" you give them an outrageous price.  (Start at 75.00 and go up, way up.)   They will leave you alone and you can sew what you want!
  9. Accept all sewing compliments, say thank you and do not point out mistakes.
  10. Compliment other quilters.
  11. Take a picture of your quilts or projects and share them with people who will celebrate the moment with you.
  12. Sew and quilt how you want, not how someone else does it.
  13. Breathe and smile as you quilt.  Play happy music or have a movie on.  Relish your special talent.
  14. Take a class or ask advice from another quilter and give yourself time and patience to really learn the new skill.
  15. Disregard everything above, add your own resolutions!
  16. Sew happy!
I don't think I can do all of them but I will try.  I think I can do #1 and #2 easily (I hope...).  Then definately #7!  I should do #11 also.  This is forgotton in the busy life.  We should all keep record of what we make and share with friends.  Well, #15 is difficult for me.  I couldn't think of my resolution, that's why I was searching for other people's to get some ideas.

This is my sewing room shelves filled with my favorite fabrics. (photo taken and touched by my son) These are the fabrics that I love so I should be making a couple of quilts from these this year.  In a meanwhile, I should go through the plastic bins filled with fabrics and get rid of what I don't love any more.  Is there any?  This will be very difficult task for me.  Most challenging resolution!

What is your New Year's Resolution?

Sew Happy!

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I am Just One Mom said...

It is the middle of Feb and I love your Resolutions post and Kathy's list.

I, too, will work on #2 in particular. I love too many fabrics...

You have a gift and I am grateful you share it with the world. Your Twinkle Twinkle pattern is fabulous!