Monday, February 27, 2012


The person whose name is "Pam" must be born with very creative talent.

My friend Pam made this pretty tags at Art of Craft event held at French General. She was hesitated to make something while we were playing with French General new paper line. But then at the end of the event, she picked up some leftovers from us and made these. How clever is that!

Pam Garrison was one of the instructor at "Art of Craft" who taught Sailor's Heart. She brought her samples to show us what we can do with buttons, felts, and stitches. Her idea is endless. I learned many techniques from her during the workshop.

At last, Pam aka PKM(Pam Kitty Morning) is my friend. Wow, how exciting to say that I have a friend who is so famous! She is a fabric designer (Lakehouse), pattern designer, and famous blogger! The display is from the booth of Quiltin' Cousins at Road to California Show. Very cheerful and pretty!

Today, I'm putting the borders on the quilt that I'm sewing for French General using their new line, "Petite Odile". Oh boy, Kaari did it again! This line is beautiful! I love the color, I love the print, I can't wait for this line to hit the quilt shop! I can't show you the image yet... Be patient! It will come soon!

Happy quilting!

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PamKittyMorning said...

OH MY! I'm thrilled to be mentioned along with Pam Garrison. She does some amazing things right? I love her art. Thanks for mentioning me. It still seems so crazy that I have a line of fabric! xo