Saturday, May 8, 2010

One nice day...

Yesterday, I visited my friend's "Open Garden".

Her backyard is full of blooms.

She makes very cute succulent arrangements.
And dried herbs & potpourri. Another friend made shoe-keeper, sachet, and tea pot mat with these potpourri inside. Nice collaborations!
There was tasting table of rose jam and herbal tea. Delicious!
Then complete with beautiful flower arrangement!
What a refreshing moment and I was energized by beautiful flowers and precious friends!
Thank you for wonderful day!!!


Elyse said...

greetings, keiko!

i popped over (from kaari's blog) after seeing your cute fabric icon/avatar.

your blog is so sweet.

happy may

Free Pretty Things For You said...

very pretty arrangements :)

Sue Hamilton said...

Hi Keiko, You and your friends are so talented. Does your friend who made the succulent arrangement sell them by chance? I love that you have mommy and baby deer in your yard. So do we. I can't have many flowers outside our fence either. You can buy flowers that have a scent and the deer usually won't eat them. Fondly,