Monday, March 1, 2010

Hockey Season almost over???

Guess where I've been recently.

I was in Dallas, TX in January, Colorado Springs in February, and just came back from South Lake Tahoe... Sounds like wonderful vacations, aren't they? I wish they were... I was at the ice rinks in those cities cheering for my son's ice hockey team. He is in the travel team and we normally drive around Norcal and one or two big trips during the season. It felt like this season was extra long (I don't know why...) and regular season is two more weeks to go. Then, if they are one of the top four in Norcal teams, they go to playoffs. I like hockey, but want to watch from warm & cozy living room if possible.

During the hockey trips, kids usualy play just hockey, no other fun prior to the games. But this last trip to Tahoe, my son and his friends stoped at snow park on the way home and had lots of fun. Weather was wonderful!! Sun was very warm and I almost took my jacket off.

Out of these three trips, I was able to visit one quilt shop in Colorado Springs. It's Ladybug Hill Quilt Shop. I wish I took photos of the shop to share with you. The person who works there was very friendly and they have beautiful appliqued quilts as samples, they must have great teacher(s).

I'm going back to my work now. I have several new patterns to work on...

Go Sharks,

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